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Seniors: How Aging, Alcohol, and Medications Can Impair Driving

medications can impair driving

You don’t need to binge drink like a college student to get a DUI in Lancaster County. If you’re an older American, consuming a single glass of wine or even just taking your medications can impair driving…

Medical Marijuana in PA: What You Need to Know

medical marijuana in pa

In 2016, Pennsylvania approved the use of medical marijuana in patients with certain conditions. The Medical Marijuana Program, which is expected to be implemented in early 2018, will allow patients with qualifying…

Guide: What to Do During a DUI Stop

what to do during a DUI stop

If you don’t know what to do during a DUI stop, you’re not alone.

Many drivers get into legal trouble because of actions they take after a police officer has stopped them. Protect your rights and stay out of…

How Prescription Drugs Can Snag You a DUI in Lancaster, PA

prescription drugs and dui

Impaired driving doesn’t only happen after enjoying one too many drinks. It can also result from taking prescription medication. Knowing the potential dangers of these drugs will help you stay safe and prevent a…

College Students & DUI: What to Expect

college dui consequences

College drinking hijinks in the movies are one thing. Their consequences in real life ar…

11 Hidden Costs of DUIs in Lancaster County

DUI costs in Lancaster

A DUI in Lancaster County isn’t cheap. From the moment you’re arrested, costs begin to add up quickly, making a significant financial impact on you and your…

How to Tell Your Family or Boss You Got a DUI

got a dui

Getting arrested for suspected driving under the influence (DUI) was hard enough. Now, you’re faced with the difficult task of telling the people around you—your spouse, supervisor, even your children. This guid…

Underage DUI in Lancaster, PA: A Guide for Parents

underage DUI in Lancaster

Your underage child has been busted for driving under the influence. Your first concern is for their safety. Once you know they’re okay, you start to wonder how the charge will impact your son or daughter—and your…

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